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It's Teamwork Dufferin's goal to provide children, youth, adults, and their families the experience of true community. We do that by participating in a wide variety of programs and activities that make sure everyone is included. Each individual benefits from support that is tailored to their choices and needs. We know by supporting each individual in this way will help us reach our ultimate goal of acceptance and true friendship for each person that joins our team.  

Our Teamworks Dufferin programs are designed to be

unforgettable experiences.

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Times Like These

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August 23-27

Missed the bus? We got a few spots left


The Plan:

We meet every day at 9 am@Idellwyld Park and return between 3:30 /4 pm for a 4 pm pick up

Idellwyld Park is next to Rotary Park ,

Fourth Street and Second Avenue



  • Antje: 519-215-6465 this is my cell phone number and the phone is shared with staff. Staff has been asked not to share their phone number.This will insure that information is shared with all staff and a paper trail on 1 phone.Please send txt. I will read txt but not able to respond to phone calls as I’m getting the bus ready for the day or driving.

  • You should have received a link to WhatsApp, we keep you informed and send pictures during the day, please remember this link is not for private information, it is shared with other parents

Remember to bring everything you need for camp, there is no sharing.

Every camper will have their own basket to store items they would like to keep in the bus:

  • SUN PROTECTION (please apply before coming to camp and we will continue to apply )

  • BUG SPRAY, After bite


  • SWIMMING GEAR-it helps to wear a t shirt in the water

  • CHAIR please bring only fold up that fits beside the camper

  • WATER BOTTLE We will carry extra water to refill bottles if needed

  • TOWEL to sit on in the bus- the seats get hot and sweat

  • LUNCH -litter less please ,we don’t stop for take out


  • RUNNING SHOES - flip-flops only on beach days please 

  • The bus will be sanitized frequently.

We will have water and soap on the bus. Please keep hand sanitizer to a minimum. Please don’t use scented sanitizer, I’m allergic to the smell


Corvid Protokol:

Please fill out Corvid Screening daily

I will have a thermometer on the bus in case somebody feels unwell.

There will be a dedicated Corvid Isolation Seat on the bus,  with PPE (Gowns,Mask,FaceShield,Gloves) I had both my shots and will be supporting till pick up can be arranged.

We got a large school bus and 10 campers, lots of space to insure distancing. 


We might eat a freeze or Popsicle at the end of the day . Please send txt if the camper can not have one.

Make sure you register on line:

Registration Dates and Form and Media Release

SSAH and other links can be found under forms on teamworksdufferin.org

All forms are located under the FORMS TAB


LETS HAVE A CAMP!!!!!!!!!          Antje and Team



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